Luoksa blog have reported on the persecution of Russian scientist Valentin Kochnev. The reason of the baiting, in V. Kochnev opinion, is his scientific advance. The beginning of this harassment can be counted since the actions of Russian Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations (FANO) clerks, who illegally did not allow Valentin to enter his room, who took possession Valentin’s personal documents and belongings on April 11, 2017 and still hold it (today, when we are preparing this material, is already January 16, 2019!).

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Luoksa blog: Valentin,  your paper «Equilibrium state energy: Atoms» published in Chemical Physics, mentions that the work has no affiliation to Russian Academy of Science. What does it mean?

Valentin Kochnev: Almost for two years from April 2017, Russian Academy of Sciences in face of IGIC RAS administration (N.S. Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry) does not allow me to enter my workplace. I conducted the above mentioned investigations entirely by myself, without any RAS resources.

On late evening of 11 April, 2017 I couldn’t came in to my housing — a room in hotel ‘Dom aspiranta & stagera N1’ (DAS-1) in Moscow, where I lived for more than five years. With me there was my sister Irina, at that time a graduate student of the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, she stayed in the same hotel. At the entrance to the hotel a group of employees appears in front of us saying that we could not pass, because we no longer live here. Then Irina was allowed to pass, but I was not. Irina has recorded part of the episode on the video

It should be noted that I lived there on the basis of a contract, that was not and still is not canceled. I just was not passed to the home.

On the video one can hear the hotel employee saying that I no longer live in the hotel, that I cannot enter into the building and my room’ door lock was replaced.

I called the police. The patrol arrived in more than an hour. They did not even bother to interrogate the hotel workers. I was taken to the police office where I was kept until the late night. Finally they drawn up the protocol and let me go.

It was remarkable situation — late night, subway (metro) was already closed, I had nowhere to go…

I waited till the morning and went to my work at the institute. I reached to administration and explained them that I was not passed into my room. By the administration I was told that this is not their concern.

Same day in the evening I was not passed again to the hotel. Moreover, the hotel staff threatened me by promising to break all my bones.

Since I had nowhere to stay in Moscow I decided to went to Minvody. The leftovers of money I had in my pocket was exactly enough to buy the cheapest ticket.

Almost all my personal belongings and documents, including my university diplomas and certificate of PhD in Chemistry, remained at the hotel DAS-1. Since that time I am living in Minvody.

Back in April 2017 I have appealed to the prosecutors with a demand to investigate the situation.

The prosecutors answered that the police refused to initiate a criminal case. The prosecutors canceled the police refusal. After that, I have received several more letters from, for some strange reason, different Moscow prosecutor’s offices with the same thing: the police decree was canceled, the case was under investigation.

Luoksa blog: And what is finally?

Valentin Kochnev: Nothing. «Law Enforcement» — in really big quotes! — by my opinion, simply is covering the employees of the DAS-1 hotel. Had the police and the prosecutors not been patronizing the crime committed against me, then further terrible events would not happend for me. And my scientific discoveries would be the property of Russia.

Luoksa blog: How did FANO responded to the situation?

Valentin Kochnev: At the beginning they lied that everything was legal, because I allegedly had not paid the hotel accommodation fee.

Later on they had to admit that I paid for the stay, but FANO has lied that I allegedly repeatedly violated the rules of staying in the hotel.

Luoksa blog: Who confirmed these «violations»?

Valentin Kochnev:  Nobody.

Finally FANO has lied that I … have invented the whole story! That allegedly no one ever confronted me on 12 April 2017 to prevent entering into my room and that I have simply decided to move to Mineralnye Vody leaving to store  my personal belongings in the hotel, to say, for free.

Luoksa blog: Сlear. Is anything known about your belongings and documents now?

Valentin Kochnev: Nothing is known. Essentially I was robbed. I have no idea what is going on there now, whether my belongings and documents are still there or have already been stolen by marauders.

Luoksa blog comment: FANO harassment of Valentin Kochnev  and «Law Enforcement» clearly covering these illegal actions — if it is not a crime, then what is it?.

On how V. Kochnev’ employer — N.S. Kurnakov IGIC RAS — behaved in this situation read in our next interview with Valentin Kochnev. 

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