Baiting of Valentin Kochnev: Russia loses priority

There was nothing to say about the consequences of the harrasment of the Russian physical chemist Valentin Kochnev. Here and so everything is clear: robbed, devoid of documents and personal belongings, the second year devoid of salary… But this baiting causes damage to the national interests of Russia.


Technology of training pilots for flight. Image: free online sources.

In recent times, Russian top officials have repeatedly reminded the scientific community that a technological breakthrough is needed, “otherwise we will be crushed”.

The “breakthrough” of the state in technology and industry is provided by patents. All promising developments of Russian institutions, the discoveries of Russian scientists are patented. This is how Russian intellectual property is protected.

Valentin Kochnev’ scientific discoveries are not patented in Russia due to the illegal actions organized against him by the administration of the N.S. Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Valentin Kochnev’s scientific findings are the real base for the development of substances and materials using the finite element method technology.

The country that will possess such technology will receive an unbeatible world leadership in the field of creating materials with given properties based on computer programming, that was declaimed by the RAS for more than a decade. And this is the “breakthrough” that Russian officials say is necessary.

Just a week ago, Valentin Kochnev prepared a new scientific article in which for the first time in the world he showed how to utilize a fermionic expression for energy in a quantum-mechanical many-body problem. This is a world-class scientific discovery.

V. Kochnev cannot publish the new article in Russia for purely formal reasons. Because the publication in a reffered Russian edition requires an application signed by the director of the institute. Since V. Kochnev is legally an employee of the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the director of the institute has been informed about a new article by V. Kochnev. But the director is still silent.

What is left V. Kochnev to do in the situation ? Do not wait for the mercy of the official.

A new article by V. Kochnev will be published in one of the western scientific journals. Russia again will not receive a patent for the scientific discovery made by V. Kochnev.

So, expelling her intellect from the country, depriving herself of even the already made scientific discoveries, Russia instead of scientific and technical will get a completely different breakthrough.

Sewer break
Sewer break(through). Image:

Because of the organized harassment of Valentin Kochnev, Russia has already lost priority on the following scientific achievements:

1) V.K. Kochnev, Equilibrium State Energy: Atoms, Chemical Physics (2018),
doi: — for the first time in the world the formal method is given for calculating the electron energy using electronic chemical potential, numerical calculations are performed.

2) Fermionic expression of energy for neutral atoms of Elements in terms of Fermi-Dirac function: the Alghorithm. Valentin Konstantinovich Kochnev. Data in Brief, submitted — developed by V. Kochnev a short C ++ computer program for calculating the electronic energy of neutral atoms, the prototype for the development of a more serious project, which is intended to compete with old players on the market, for example,, or join them.

In the near future Russia may lose priority on the method of utilizing the fermionic expression in the quantum-mechanical many-body problem with respect to chemistry discovered by Valentin Kochnev.

It seems that the organizers of the baiting of Valentin Kochnev under the guise of protecting the interests of Russia and working for its scientific and technological breakthrough, indeed are doing everything possible so that Russia never pass the gap between it and the world technological leaders.

Luoksa Blog will tell about some of the personalities involved in the baiting of Valentin Kochnev in next publications.

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